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Indian Motorcycle is our main sponsor for The Next Great Tradition: Veterans Charity Ride to Sturgis® program. They were first to come on board and offer their full support by donating the use of Indian Motorcycles for our wounded and severely injured Veterans to ride cross-country. Indian Motorcycle has shown their commitment to our Veterans with their partnership with Veterans Charity Ride 2015 & 2016. We are so pleased and honored to be working with this great company. Indian Motorcycle’s sponsorship has made it possible to provide this Motorcycle Therapy and a journey of a lifetime to veterans across the country. Visit Indian.

Champion Sidecars – We realized that we would need a way to include veterans  on this ride that are not able to operate a motorcycle themselves. The idea of sidecars was presented to Champion and they did not hesitate even for a moment to say yes.  The custom sidecars they created are gorgeous. The cars perfectly match the style and color of the Indian Motorcycles.  We’ve taken these side car bikes to several events and they are a crowd favorite. Their support has been honest and generous! Visit Champion.
We are STOKED to have Monster Energy as one of our premiere sponsors! Monster Energy is a huge supporter of our Military. So are we. Monster keeps it real and helps real people achieve their dreams.  They are certainly helping us give our Veterans Riders the ride of a lifetime. Thank you Monster Energy for your support.  We will be out on the road staying hydrated and full of energy with Monster by our side. We are thrilled to have Nick Brion of the Monster Team joining us on the ride this year. Stay tuned for more Monster updates and Monster events! Visit Monster
Liberty Sport is the official eyewear sponsor for Veterans Charity Ride for 2016! Liberty Sport is for people who are inspired by their passions and look for a  complete Rx solution to enhance their vision.  Our dedication to research, engineering and development places us at  the forefront of Rx-able protective eyewear solutions.  You’ll see that dedication in every product we make. Liberty Sport – Performance eyewear solutions and authentic since 1929. We are proud to have Liberty Sport as part of the VCR family. Visit Liberty Sport.
Nordic Components is an American owned manufacturing company proud to produce quality products right here in the USA!  Nordic’s goal is simple: As a firearm and accessory provider, provide shooting enthusiasts with innovative products of uncompromising performance and reliability.

Supporting the undeniable connection between combat veterans and quality firearms, Nordic is proud to be a first-time sponsor of Veterans Charity Ride. Visit Nordic.

RUSS BROWN MOTORCYCLE ATTORNEYS, the Original Lawyers Who Ride, are proud to sponsor Veteran’s Charity Ride and incredibly impressed at their success. For over 40 years, the Russ Brown team has been fighting for injured motorcyclists–to get the compensation they deserve and the medical attention they need after an accident. Being part of the motorcycle community for so long, we consider everyone on two wheels part of our extended family. So, Motorcycle Therapy as a healing tool–we’re IN.

We actively support many veterans’ organizations & events, small and large, across the country, from local runs like Injured Warrior Appreciation Ride and Ride to the Flags to the massive Rolling Thunder Run to the Wall in DC. But not every well-meaning group hits their mark. Certainly not with the blazing impact of Veteran’s Charity Ride, which has so quickly and so meaningfully helped vets who have given so much.

At Russ Brown, our entire practice is dedicated to motorcycle injury law, so our level of experience and skill in battling for riders is unmatched. Call us at 1-800-4BIKERS for Free Legal Advice anytime.  russbrown.com

The Ultimate Sturgis Bike Rally experience is what you get at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip.  The best entertainment, camping and events are all at the “Chip”.  Veterans Charity Ride is honored to be partnered with this great group.  We feel as if we’ve found our family in Sturgis. On Thursday August 11th the VCR riders are special guests for the Freedom Celebration Ride and one of our Veteran Mentors from last year’s ride will be receiving the Bob Hanson Distinguished Service Award later that evening on the main stage.  On Friday August 12th we have partnered with the “Chip” and Nordic Components for the 1st Annual Firearm Friday Shooting Competition. Thank you to Rod Woodruff, Greg Smith and Lon Nordbye for embracing our group and making us part of the family! You guys are AWESOME! Visit website.
We are proud to be working with Cycle Gear for the 2nd year in a row. If there is anything you need for riding, Cycle Gear has it.  We reached out to them to supply our veterans with essential riding gear on this long, hot ride and they came through in a big way with hydration packs, gel seats, tool kits, rain suits and a lot more. Our veterans will ride this year in comfort and style!  Thank you to Gordon and the guys at Cycle Gear.
We at Resurgence are extremely proud to be a sponsor of Veterans Charity Ride to Sturgis and the life changing and saving results that come with it. We pride ourselves in making stylish protective motorcycle riding gear. We have developed a liner called *PEKEV® that has picked up a score of 10.83 sec. for abrasion resistance at CE Lab.   Our pants for everyday riding are light and lined up to mid-calf as well as models with impact area only lining – they come in several denim washes and styles including cargos, chinos and Café Race.   We make protective Hoodies, Rocker Jackets and Gloves lined with *PEKEV® as well.


As our Veterans make commitment to our country, Resurgence makes commitment to Veterans programs such as Veterans Charity Ride by providing protective and stylish Jeans and Ts for this year’s ride.

Website: www.resurgenceusa.com

Rever is a free app and website connecting a global community of motorcycle riders. Discover the best places to ride, create custom routes, track your experiences and share them with friends.  Make Every Ride Count. rever.co Rever has come on board this year to help keep VCR on the best roads and give our riders and supporters a way to track the ride. We are  We are beyond thrilled to have this Uber cool company and great team of guys keeping the ride in the 21st Century.  Download the app and follow up the ride. Thanks, Rever!

Red Cliffs Lodge -There is no better place to stay in Moab than the Red Cliffs Lodge.  We wanted to give the Veterans a unique and upscale experience while in Moab. The owner of the Red Cliffs Lodge, Colin has arranged a special catered Western Barbeque for our entire crew! The hospitality that they’ve shown the Veterans is truly heart warming. Visit website.
We are once again partnered with the wonderful team at the Marriott Burbank Airport. Our Veteran riders will spend the the night before the grand send-off at this beautiful hotel to ensure a good night’s rest! The Marriott has also graciously provided a private room for our whole group to meet one another for the first time!  Thank you to Alan Tate and Stephanie Gazmuri for taking such great care of us!  We are so grateful your hospitality and generosity.
The White Heart Foundation started as a sole charity event – the Ride to the Flags. It was with motorcycles that we were able to channel so much good for our veterans. As the event grew, so did our foundation. Eventually, the White Heart Foundation became a year-round venture focusing on helping our severely wounded heroes. While we strive to do as much as we can to support our veterans, we always knew that we could do more. That’s why we partnered with Veteran’s Charity Ride. We know, firsthand, the positive impact Motorcycle Therapy can have on the mental state of our veterans. With post-traumatic stress numbers as high as they’ve ever been, now is the perfect time to embrace such a great program. We are proud to partner with Veteran’s Charity Ride to offer deserving vets a chance to clear their mind and ride through the backroads of this beautiful country they have sworn to protect. Go to www.WhiteHeart.org to learn more. 
Xsteel Targets is a family owned business. Our purpose at Xsteel is to deliver affordable high quality targets and great customer service. We are proud to to support the Veteran’s Ride To Sturgis knowing this will be a wonderful experience. Making a difference in there live’s for all that they have done for freedom in America! God Bless The Veteran’s We are thankful for their service! Visit Site

In 1988, before the Pacific Northwest became home to the coffeehouse boom, Larry and Cherie Challain opened the first Dancing Goats® Coffee Bar in Olympia, Washington. A passion for serving great coffee grew into a passion for roasting the world’s finest coffees as they went on to develop Batdorf & Bronson Coffee Roasters, one of the most well-regarded specialty coffee companies in America. In order to ensure the delivery of fresh roasted coffee to customers across the country, Batdorf & Bronson opened its Atlanta roastery in 1994. Our coffees are now served in coffeehouses and fine restaurants around the country in addition to our own locations where the exquisite quality of Batdorf & Bronson’s coffees combines with knowledgeable and skilled barista in delightful settings.

For the 2nd year in a row, Veteran, Len Doughty and Batdorf & Bronson Coffee Roasters are the official coffee providers to Veterans Charity Ride to Sturgis! Len is not only a coffee expert with over 20 years of experience but he is also an avid motorcycle enthusiast. The Veterans Charity Ride blend is a perfect roast and they sent the best decaf roast we’ve ever tasted. Thank you, Ren for your service and support of our ride and program! www.batdorfcoffee.com


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