By Lacey Darrow. CREATED 9:26 PM

BOISE, Idaho (KIVI)– Three Boise Veterans flew down to L.A. where they picked up some motorcycles and rode through the southwest, all to raise awareness for the Wyakin Warrior Foundation.

They said the Countryside they got to see was nothing short of amazing.

“The scenery is just phenomenal, I mean it takes your breath away,” said George Nickel, veteran of the U.S. Army.

But it was the people who made the trip unforgettable.

The men met up with other veterans from around the country to complete the ride, even some who couldn’t actually ride for themselves.

“We had three amputees who rode in sidecars that Indian and Champion sidecars put together,” said Tommy Mongomery, veteran of the U.S. Army.

And throughout the journey to Sturgis, they got to meet other veterans along the way.

People from all walks of life came out to show support for the ones that have supported our country.

“You know the best feeling in the world was seeing these little towns coming out, people coming out from their stores or standing on the streets holding up signs. It was just a good welcoming,” said Montgomery.

The treatment was nothing short of the best.

The group even got time to spend in Jay Leno’s garage, and Mike Wolfe from American Pickers came out to meet the heroes.

“We got red carpet treatment. I mean, we got a police escort that shut down the strip in Vegas for us to ride through,” said Nickel.

But the majority of the people who came out to support heard about the ride on social media.

Although most wouldn’t even know any of the riders, they filled the streets anyway.

“I mean, just the thousands of people screaming at us, waving American flags was just unbelievable,” said Montomery.