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13925276_550790675129568_1045823270664811021_nVeterans Charity Ride (VCR) is a non-profit organization that delivers Motorcycle Therapy and additional life changing, life saving holistic programs specifically designed to assist wounded and amputee combat veterans with their needs and the issues they deal with on a daily basis. Helping our fellow veterans through outreach, action, activities, education and follow-up is what drives our organization.

Our successful actions that have proven to help veterans who are suffering from Post Traumatic Stress, anxiety, sleeping disorders, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), and problems with re-assimilation into civilian life, is to: a) provide them a safe environment with fellow veterans and people they can trust, b) give them outdoor activities that are motivating, enjoyable, challenging and of interest to them, c) introduce them to and educate them on holistic healthy natural alternatives, and d) assist them with rehabilitating their own personal goals and purposes.

The end result of our program is a healthier and happier, more capable individual, who is now living life in a much better physical and mental condition, and able to help and support other veterans to do the same.

Veterans Charity Ride Program:
1. MCT – Motorcycle Therapy Rides & Excursions. VCR takes small groups of wounded and amputee veterans on therapeutic motorcycle and sidecar rides and excursions throughout the year. LEARN MORE

2.WELL VET – Veteran Health and Wellness Program. WELL VET is a healthy nutritious diet plan (tailored to the veterans individual needs), combined with physical therapy, exercise and twice daily holistic Kaqun oxygen water therapy treatments for the alleviation of stress, physical pain, and to get the body and mind back into a healthy condition. Certified health and wellness coaches work directly with our veterans on a daily basis for the first 5 weeks, continuing weekly and monthly for as long as needed. LEARN MORE

3. SAFE VET – Veteran Motorcycle Safety Program. VCR provides all our veterans with a Motorcycle Safety Course, as well as assisting our veterans with maintenance, repairs and upgrades for their own motorcycles to keep them safe and out on the road. LEARN MORE

4. TRUSTED VET – Veteran Mentor Program. Select veterans from previous VCR rides become mentors to the new veterans entering the VCR program. Mentors assume duties and responsibilities that support these new veterans and the VCR organization. TRUSTED VET has been extremely successful in rehabilitating the hopes, goals and purposes in our veteran mentors, which are organically passed on to the new veterans. LEARN MORE

5. SPEC OPS – Special Events and Activities for VCR veterans. Together with our sponsors and industry partners, we take our veterans to local and national endemic and non-endemic events as another way to show appreciation, get them outdoors and keep them engaged and active. LEARN MORE

6. VET FAM – Veteran Family Support Program. Veteran riders and mentors are given the opportunity to take their family on an all-expense paid four-day retreat at Red Cliffs Lodge in Moab, UT. This retreat provides an opportunity for the veterans to share their wins, breakthroughs and peace of mind they received and experienced during the ride and program with their families. Additional veteran “Family” Motorcycle Therapy rides, activities and events are scheduled throughout the year. LEARN MORE

7. MOTO DONO – Veteran Motorcycle Donation Program. Industry Partners and the general public donate new and used motorcycles and ATVs to VCR and receive a tax deduction. VCR refurbishes and modifies (when needed) the motorcycles/atvs and gifts them to deserving veterans. LEARN MORE

The end result of our program is a healthier and happier, more capable individual, who is now living life in a much better physical and mental condition, and able to help and support other veterans to do the same.




The ride and program was conceived and developed by veteran Army Airborne Paratrooper, Dave Frey (Indian Dave), while riding solo to the Sturgis Bike Rally in 2014. Along the way he met a fellow Paratrooper and they talked about fellow veterans that were returning from Iraq and Afghanistan and the difficult time so many are having with severe injuries, Post Traumatic Stress and adjusting to civilian life after their war experiences.

Thousands have been severely wounded, some with amputations, many with psychological injuries like Post Traumatic Stress and other physical injuries that you cannot see like Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).

On the ride back home Dave couldn’t stop thinking about his fellow veterans and wanted to do something special for them and make a difference in their lives. Then it hit him…let’s use motorcycles to help our veterans. (Dave was born into the family motorcycle business, he grew up on motorcycles, it’s in his blood, he’s been riding for 50 years and knows the impact and value of Motorcycle Therapy.)

Dave reached out to his business partner Robert Manciero, Emmy Award winning producer/director and told him about his ideas. They came up with the concept of a ride which would include the therapeutic effects of riding a motorcycle aka, Motorcycle Therapy and create an adventure of a lifetime for wounded veterans. At the same time they would film the ride so the message could be shared with as many veterans as possible.

Needing bikes, sidecars and support, Dave contacted Indian Motorcycles and Craig Arrojo, President of Champion Sidecars. After explaining the program and their needs, both companies said an emphatic, “Yes, we’re in!”
Thus the Veterans Charity Ride to Sturgis was born!


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