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John “Johnny Killmore” Wood Corporal US Marines & US Army

Johnny is a veteran of both the United States Marine Corps and the California Army National Guard, including a combat deployment in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. After leaving the military, he went to work in the motorcycle and aerospace industry, working as a freelance mechanic, then as a carbon fiber composite technician on the Predator series of unmanned aircraft. Johnny currently divides his time between full-time college, sidecar racing, and freelancing as a journalist/photographer.

Johnny is among the fastest sidecar racers in North America. After winning championships in multiple series, Johnny turned to hill climb racing, and he holds the record for the fastest sidecar to summit the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb.

With two decades piloting everything from motorcycles to tactical trucks, Johnny brings a unique skill set to the Veteran’s Charity Ride. “Driving has always been something I was drawn to. From my earliest memories, I’ve been fascinated by everything from bicycles to helicopters to sailboats,” he says. “Getting the most out of a machine while keeping it properly maintained is a rewarding feeling to me. Add to that my experience training Marines to drive tactical vehicles and this chance to work with Veteran’s Charity Ride feels like something I’ve been training my entire life for.”

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