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JIM WHITTUM Sergeant First Class (Ret.) US Army

Veterans Charity Ride to Sturgis 2017 Road Captain

In 2004-2005 Jim was deployed to Iraq, mostly as a gunner in convoys. After returning home he felt like there was a big piece of himself missing.  He struggled through life and eventually in 2008 he purchased a motorcycle. It had been 20 years since he’d ridden.  Riding filled a void for him, that couldn’t be filled any other way.  The solitude of riding alone, the adrenaline and the camaraderie of riding with a group.

In September of 2010 He was deployed to Kandahar Afghanistan, as the NCOIC of an Afghan Partnership/Training Team working with a Battalion of Afghan Army Soldiers.  While in Kandahar he experienced rocket attacks nearly daily, many times multiple strikes throughout the day.

Upon returning home again, things for Jim were completely different.  He pulled away from a lot of things that he had previously enjoyed.  His personal relationships were failing, including his marriage. He started riding again and while riding he felt better. The days spent riding on the track were helping.

Each track day he progressed a little further.  He began surrounding himself with friends with similar interests both on and off the track.  This was when the beginnings of Vet2Track really started to take shape. He found many of the people around him were Vets that had a similar experience.

Vet2Track became a reality in March of 2015. Jim said “If we can improve or save the life of even one Veteran it is worth all of the time, sacrifice and work.”

Jim will be joining Veterans Charity Ride crew as a Road Captain and supporter of our Safe Vet program. Helping veterans is what Jim and his non-profit veteran support program Vet2Track is all about, it is a passion, a mutual desire to improve the lives of veterans from all branches of service.

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