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DAVE FREY (Founder, Rider, Mentor) US Army

Veteran US Army Airborne Paratrooper and lifetime motorcyclist, “Indian Dave” knows firsthand the therapeutic benefits of riding motorcycles to “clear the mind”. After leaving the Army, Dave returned to work in the family motorcycle shop. He later joined the Department of Justice (BoP), Special Operations Response Team (SORT) and also worked as a Wild Lands Fire Fighter. Dave’s interests turned to filmmaking and he has worked for over 20 years producing special events, corporate videos and documentary films.

Dave created Veterans Charity Ride to give back to fellow veterans that have been through traumatic experiences and sacrificed so much. He wanted to give them an adventure of a lifetime, along with support programs that can help them lead a happier and better life.

Helping someone else with their problems and issues, and really seeing this help take effect in such a positive way, helps the veteran who is giving the help. It helps relieve their stress and magnitude of their own problems. This in itself is extremely therapeutic and a big part of our programs.

Dave’s personal mission: To help rehabilitate a veteran’s goals and purposes. To show them America truly cares and acknowledge them. To give them a significant piece of their life back by getting them out of the house and back into the environment so they can experience life and living again.

Dave tells his fellow veterans: “No matter what anyone has told you or promised you, you are guaranteed only one thing in this life, and that is; your future, that very next moment/second, is truly yours and yours alone, your decision to do or not do something- your decision to survive and overcome or succumb and self-destruct or give up, is your choice and your choice alone- You are in charge and that is the only thing you are guaranteed in this life”.

Helping change and save a fellow veteran’s life is one of the highest callings one can answer and Dave takes great pride in what we have created and the lives we touch on a daily basis.

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